Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Different President, Different General, Same Afghanistan, Same Result

Bush started it and Obama has continued the Bush doctrine of converting Afghanistan to a western-style country.  The new General, Petreaus, is one of the architects of the strategy that the old General was implementing before he was stupid and talked to a reporter.

Remember the “we’ll be out of the country in 2011” vows?  It’s six months away.  We are adding troops.  Heard anything positive about our efforts lately, or ever?

I’m betting you won’t be hearing any warm fuzzy stuff; and, I think Obama has trapped himself in his now very own foreign folly.  By comparison, Iraq having more of the basics of modern society, is a success, though, again in my view, it won’t be in the end.

I really wish someone would tell me what the goal is and what it is that we are doing that will get us there.  Anyone?  Bueller?


Big Mark 243 said...

Urgh... trying to resist a 'therapy thru comment' style entry and save the rambling for a post on my own journal... but the urge is strong..!

I am a carrier of 'the conspiracy virus' and reading the Rolling Stone article that got Gen. McChrystal fired, I am so like, IT IS PART OF THE PLAN..!

No really, I do think just that.

Dave said...

I'd love it if there were a plan; but, before planning, you have to have a realistic goal. We don't have one.

Jeni said...

What I'd really like to know is how did this country -our government and yes, many of the citizens for that matter -come to the conclusion that every other country around the world wants and/or should have a government just like ours? What makes the American people think that every country and the people therein, want to be like the people in the western civilization? I don't have a problem helping a country that wants our help, appreciates it too. But all this business that they must or should, at least, model their country, their form of government, their culture, in essence, after ours really annoys me. Or am I seeing these various processes way off balance?

Lifehiker said...

We're not getting out next year; the date was subject to a reassessment based on "how things are going on the ground". And, they are going badly, so we will not come close to leaving.

Our military-industrial complex loves any war, even if the guys who are fighting it feel it's hopeless and stupid.

Myself, I'm against any war where the soldiers have one hand tied behind their back. If a war is important enough to fight, then "collateral damage" is not too much of a concern. In this war, it seems to be the only concern.

fermicat said...

There are many private companies who are making a lot of money from this. I think that is what we are really doing in Afghanistan. Disappointing. And same ole same old.