Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Aspirations of Being a Foursquare Mayor

In no particular order:  Keith, Jim, Kvatch, Ryan and Doc, blog writers I’ve read have given it up.

Debo, Pos, Hedy, Lifehiker, and Fermi write a lot less than they did.

Thomas and Curmudgeon work in spurts.  Sonja and her Mom seem to be monthly events, Sonja really quarterly.

Jeni sets the standard, cranking out post after post.

I’m somewhere in the middle, though my output and reader numbers are declining.

Vinyl, reel-to-reel, cassette, eight-track, CD, mp3, streaming.

Books, magazines, newspapers, online versions of them, blogs, Facebook, Twitter.  Is the future Foursquare and Buzz?  “I’m here, doing this, see the picture, join me if you will.”  Is Facebook the new long-form literature?


fermicat said...

I read most blogs solely through my feed reader service. Your visits stat may be misleading. I only click through if I want to comment or read the comments of others.

My posting is down, but I try to maintain the Friday catblogging on a weekly basis. I've got one scheduled for tomorrow, with special critter guests -- buffalo!

Otherwise, I post when I have something to say. I've decided not to say much about politics, so that cuts down the number of potential topics.

fermicat said...

Oh yeah. My self-ban on politics doesn't include bitching about Georgia's blue laws. Those still royally piss me off, and I don't mind saying so.

Dave said...

And the thing is, Fermi, there was no mention of Sunday sales, that I saw, during this year's legislative session. It was decidedly lacking in entertainment value.

Debo Blue said...

Blogging moves a little slower and I don't have the settings on my blog to notify me if there's a comment like I have on my phone whenever there's a FB message for me. Because of the ease and frequency of use, Jeni, Keith and I have actually had personal phone conversations. But we didn't get a dinner invite to Fermi's & PDA's like you so I guess we're even.

Anonymous said... can also invite me as a Friend on FB, or email me sometime. We had a pretty good back - forth watching a game one time.

Debo Blue said...

Ooop, Anon is me.

Also, if you invite me as Friend you get to see pics of the cruise, my family..everything you that could possibly bore you to death.

Yeah, I'm boring on FB too.

I know our tweets and FB and blogging entries will go on and on and could potentially be used against me I have to cover that a$$.

Dave said...

Hey Debo, send me an Email with your facebook name, I'll try your actual name in the meantime.

Fermi told me to invite a friend, so it's my fault I didn't get you on a plane.