Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Confession

Regular readers will no doubt have noted that I tend to be more negative than positive here, ripping the rich, famous and politicians (who also tend to be in the first two categories – see, I can’t resist).

But, the people I rip have some things I don’t have.

They seem to have zeal, a zest, for whatever it is they are doing of which on a particular day I disapprove. That perhaps explains their energy to do. I tend not to be a doer. I react. And, it’s the easy course to react negatively, to make fun of what the doers do.

In a way, I envy the doers, but I am not one of them. It strikes me as arrogant to be so sure of “the way.” You may be shaking your head and remembering some strident posts that I’ve written, where I told you “the way” as I saw it. But remember that this is a little blog in a sea of blogs. A conceit if you will. You wouldn’t read it if it didn’t have a point of view, as muddled as my view can sometimes be. (And I suppose there are those that are no longer reading here who were driven away by my views.)

Stepping back from the issues I write about, I’d be terrified to actually have a say in, God forbid an obligation, resolving the weighty matters I write about.

So as we say on the Internet, a tip of the hat to the doers, however misguided they may be.


Annie K said...

Eh, if I wanted positive, I'd watch Lifetime.

Jeni said...

Yeah, but if I had a real choice in who was working on some of these issues our government, our society, faces I'd darn sight rather have you or someone with your temperment and attitude about problems and solving them than the majority of the clowns we have thinking they are capable and thinking they are solving anything!

Lifehiker said...

Hitler and Madoff were "doers", as were Albert Schweitzer and Winston Churchill. I, too, admire "doers", but some sure can cause a lot of hell if we don't watch them carefully.