Friday, June 11, 2010


I haven’t bought gas at a Citgo station in years because Citgo is owned by a company that is owned by Argentina and what’s-his-name, Chavez who runs the place is crazy and just a touch anti-U.S.

I’ve heard radio advertisements for Citgo stressing that the stations are “locally owned.”  I wasn’t swayed.

I just read an article at that says BP stations around town are down significantly in customers, apparently as the result of an unorganized boycott of BP.  The article stresses that the stations are not owned by BP and the employees, our neighbors, are going to be hurt.

These days, I buy gas based on low price at either QuickTrip or Sam’s Club, depending on where I am and how low the gas gauge is reading.  So, by any meaningful measurement, I’m not boycotting anyone.

But, I don’t buy the “local connection” or “think of the employees” arguments against boycotting companies.  There are lots of places I don’t patronize, for a variety of reasons, and by doing so I harm their employees a tiny little bit.

I harm the employees of Fox News each and everyday because they work for a company that I think puts out a lousy product.  I’m taking milk from the babies of E! employees because they work for a company that has a vapid product.  Starbucks employees work for a company that puts out pretty good coffee at stupid prices.  McDonalds employees also pour a pretty good cup of coffee accompanied by pretty poor food, at pretty good prices (with lousy service – sorry employees – this is meant to be an attack against companies not people).

If you work for a company and it sucks, I’m sorry, move on down the road.


Debo Blue said...

My answer to poor service or stoopid companies: "I can show you better than I can tell you." I don't use their services, watch their programing or read their websites.

I haven't been to certain restaurants accused of unfair hiring practices. Boy do I miss those grits and fish dinners.

J said...

i buy all my gas at BP and plan to vacation in AZ.

Dave said...

J, good to hear from you, I thought you were boycotting me. Wait till at least late fall to visit the Republic of pale skinned people, there won't be anyone available at a reasonable price to wipe your brow if you visit now.

Rick said...

I think it's Venezuela, not Argentina. Other than that I'm with J.

Dave said...

You're right on Venezuela, wrong on your choice of side Rick.