Friday, January 16, 2009

I Need to Read More

Of the novel sort. I’ve been off my literary feed for going on two years, since I succumbed to the Internet.

I read. I read fourteen or fifteen hours a day: work, news, commentary, blogs. But I’ve been off fiction and I really don’t know why.

Big Rick gave me my favorite author’s latest book for Christmas with the unstated command/hope that it would inspire me to begin again. I’ve started and plowed a bit. It is good; but, I’ve gotten out of the habit of diving in for multiple hour sessions.

What I do here is in bits and pieces whether it be for work, news, commentary or blogs.

So, I’m going to publish this, make some dinner and eat and read. I just need to get my sea legs back.


Jeni said...

I really need to follow your lead and pick up the reading habit again. I have a stack of books I bought last spring and early summer, the five books my kids gave me for Christmas along with the book, "The Shack" sent to me by my good friend and fellow blogger, Keith, all waiting for me to return to my first love, books. In my defense, I had begun "The Shack" and am about half-way through it, as well as one of the books my son gave me "Me of Little Faith" by Lewis Black, but I guess I am going to have to rediscipline myself on the reading and set aside some specific amount of time, daily, to whittle away at all this stuff just waiting for me to pick it up and begin reading again.

dr sardonicus said...

I hear ya, brother. The internets have played hell with my reading habits. Often I go online with the intention of checking one or two sites, and end up spending two or three hours looking at stuff. I used to read about a book a week, but now I do good to finish one in a month.

Lifehiker said...

Great novels or non-fiction are the heavy cream of our society...the distilled thinking of our most creative and most serious minds.

OK, there is also something to say for a good adventure or sci-fi story that transports our consciousness to exotic places and times and introduces us to fascinating characters.

Books give me more "Ah-ha!" and "Wow, that's great!" moments than anything else in my life, even counting the Science Channel. Now that's saying something!

Don't waste your reading time on junk. Find something that will both entertain and illumine you.

Jim Donahue said...

I'll suggest my favorite novel of recent years, Nicholas Christoper's "A Trip to the Stars."

Love, love, love that novel. I've read it three times already.