Friday, January 30, 2009

It's a Noun!

You can engage in dialogue. You may not dialogue.

And, what really bugs me, is that I usually hear it used as a verb by educator types, especially on public radio.

Stop it.


DaleC said...

"endeavour" is routinely misused in the same manner

"for free" - it can be "free" or "for no chagre", but not "for free"

Anonymous said...

I scanned this just for you: LINK

fermicat said...

While we are complaining about usage, I would like to point out that "task" is a noun, not a verb. I cringe every time I hear about how someone was "tasked" to do whateverthehell. Augh!

DaleC said...

but using nouns as other parts of speech gives one the aura of "gravitas" :-)