Sunday, January 11, 2009

Which End of the Curve Am I On?

I’m pretty good at filtering stuff I see and hear. If I’m not interested, “it” whatever it is doesn’t register on my radar.

As an example, I’ve always thought radicchio was a type of cabbage. I learned the other day (via the Food Network) that it is leafy chicory. I thought chicory was something in New Orleans coffee and nothing more.

When I was in New Orleans last month, I noticed that women of all ages wearing slacks, especially jeans, were wearing them tucked in to their mid-calf boots. Has this just started?

What does Lv Ur LG mean? I saw it the other day in an Email forward. I’m guessing “love your” but haven’t got a clue on the LG. I’ve reluctantly joined the texting world sometime after friends and clients started sending them to me; but, I can’t bring myself to use the abbreviations. U know?

It turns out that something that’s been around since the Forties just registered with me, Nutella®. Has this stuff been popular since way back then and I just didn’t know? Or is it a recent trend? Am I in at the start or as I expect, it has registered to me as it’s on its way out?

I’m thinking salad bars are due for a revival, I haven’t seen one in a long time.


Debo Blue said...

I always thought it was cabbage too.

I think the pants in boots thing has been around a while. I remember in the 70's having boots that laced up in the front and wearing them outside my slacks.

I discovered Nutella in 92 when I went to Paris. I don't like chocolate or hazelnut but I knew my SIL would love it so I brought her two jars and finally found it over here.

Don't know about the LV UR LG. I'll send it to my nieces to find out.

Posol'stvo the Medved said...

Dave - Nutella is like Oxford shirts. They never go out of style because they are never quite *in* style.

I first had Nutella in the eighties, when a friend who's mother was from Germany introduced me to it. It's something that I binge on for a while and then don't buy for years.

The WASP said...

Oxford shirts and loafers are the epitome of personal style.

They are not, however, fashionable. Fashion changes, style never fades.

Dave said...

I guess I'm going to have to try this Nutella stuff.

I've got the oxford and loafers down. Welcome WASP, stop by anytime.

DaleC said...

Nutella is an abominatioan before the Ultimate Food, Yeah That Which Is Called Peanut Butter, Peace Be Upon the Peanut.

CharlieT said...

Don't you have one? LG is a brand name for a flat screen television. It means I love your television. Or it could mean, I love your telephone. or, it could mean I love your refrigerator. Or, for that matter, anything that LG makes.

DaleC said...

Maybe "LG" means "large goober"

I bet that would change a few things, huh?

Jim Donahue said...

I used to love Nutella, but it now hits me as overly sweet. There are better nut/chocolate spreads out there.

A few years ago, Nutella had the unfortunate timing to have Kobe Bryant as celebrity spokesman plastered all over its labels just has he got charged with ... was it rape or sexual harrassment? I don't remember. But I recall seeing his face on hundreds of jars of the stuff while that was going on and felt rather sorry for the Nutella people.

Dave said...

Everyone, welcome Charlie T., a terrestrial friend. He, like Dale C., doesn't have a blog, though Dale teases by having a Blogger profile that doesn't say anything.

Were Charlie to have a blog and write like he talks, he'd be an internet hit.

And, Jim, it may be the change to a refined palate. I loved Twinkies and Hostess Cup Cakes many years back. A few years ago I tried a Twinkie and gagged.

molly gras said...


Large Gut? Linguine Gazpacho? Little Girl? Lit Grill?

I could go on ...

and on ...

... but I won't.

I'll simply say NO to obnoxious text abbreviations (I even correctly punctuate my texts!)

The Curmudgeon said...

In my family, I know just enough to be the object of near=constant ridicule.

I may not be ahead of the curve, but I'm generally behind the 8-ball.