Tuesday, January 06, 2009


The title of the picture, sent a bit ago from Dennis, includes all the words.

The back story:

Tony does not recognize territorial rights. If a couch or a chair was occupied and is briefly vacated for a call of nature, it is his. That explains his laughter and my expression as I returned to reclaim my half of the couch.

He also steals lamb chops if you leave the table at a restaurant.

I'm still in my present tense phase.

And, I know, that's me. The beard is gone, just about the time of this picture as the color was not changing for the better. Hedy, tell them, I don't look this bad.

Thank you all for your really great comments on the last post.

The genesis of this post was earlier today when I, rather than working, searched my pictures and sent some around some to friends. It caught on and this picture is from the third round back to all of us.

I'l stop this soon, just now, work with me as I work though this.


Keith said...

Thanks for sharing some memories with us. It looks like good times.

Keep processing it and working through it. Grieving is definitely a process and it needs to be done.

Grace and Peace to you my friend.

Hedy said...

The beard makes you look distinguished. Which I suppose is a nice way of saying old. Yes, everyone, Dave looks better sans scruff.

I'm thinking Big Tony was just as shocked to be leaving you guys as you were being left. In which case he's probably saying WTF (and maybe a few other choice words) to God or whoever right now. I like to think that's what he's doing. In God's face saying WTF.

DaleC said...

St. Peter was recently heard to say "Where the f%*k is my pork chop?"

God better not leave the Throne to visit the throne or there will be some BIG changes around here.

Michael the Fed said...

If nothing else, your blog is now on my favorites list.

I guess that I am still in denial. Can't believe he is gone. Lack of sleep is contributing to that.

Wonderful pic. The beard wasn't that bad.


Big Rick said...

That picture brings me back to our
beach/golf house in Santa Rosa Beach. I'm on the opposite couch laughing my ass off at the two of you silly bastards. We were all such good friends,now theres an empty seat that can never be filled. The last two days have been a tear filled blur as I try to accept the reality of his passing. I'll miss you T. I have a boatload of memories to fondly recall, but it will never be the same. Adios, my aquatic brother.

Jeff S said...

What an inappropriate word to use for a true friend; a confidant; one who will sit and argue but not in your face. " Latin Temper " could be appropriate when explaning to the club house mgr he should go back to filling range balls on a full time basis for not letting a 5 some play thru!! Instead I'll just leave!! The fairway looks wide open for this time of the "early" am; 5 shots; I'm on the green; putter in hand; I'M IN THE GAME.
"Road Trips" Vegas, Myrtle Beach; No sleep didn't matter/ wait 15 mins luck will change; Get off the BlackJack table Big Guy. I'm still thinking he took keys and didn't tell me. Oh Yea; Yes someone did come into my room and I'm sticking to it.
"Amazing" one liners would come out of your mouth. Tuff skin was the jacket of the day. " GREAT PUTT" would be heard by all. I will miss your Laura Davies Collection attire.
Words are becoming harder to put to pen.
OK; It's 5:45 am and I'm late
and your banging on the damn door.
We'll get there BIG GUY, we'll get there. Have another Mucho Grande Expresso from QT. YOU SLACKER

Your devoted friend

fermicat said...

That picture made me laugh. Thanks for sharing it. Remembering the good times is bittersweet, but comforting as well.

Dave said...

It was good times Keith.

He probably would confront God and steal a throne.

Thanks for finally stopping by Michael and Jeff. Come back for some happier stuff.

BTW Jeff, your ATL address keeps bouncing back to me.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with a grey beard, although your hair could be a little longer. :)

That's a great picture. Everone's spirit comes through in this one.

Debo Blue said...

Work your way through it. That's about all we can do.

Are Jeff's comments Big Tonyisms?

Dave said...

Yes Debo, his comment was a Faulkneresk romp through some episodes of our lives. I had to read it a couple of times to get the full flavor. And, as I haven't told him, Jeff a tour 'd force, if that's the way you spell it.

Dave said...


You can't seee the true picture of the follicleless nature of the back of my head, even then, a few years ago.

As consolation, decades ago I looked like a member of ZZTop. Then I had to make a living.

Bill D said...

Rick, your comments made me tear up for first time today.

steve said...

As one of the 4 horsemen, "T" was an anchor in the day, and much loved by many ( to quote Ginger ) ...
always a great big smile, an extended hand to shake, practical point of view, down to earth, droll humor, and dangerous with the small practical jokes...
a " call to nature " required a preliminary inventory - before & after- beverages could change or vanish - ...his way of checking if you were paying attention

Monday morning was a bucket of cold water in the face - everything altered forevermore

Wendy said...

Ah yes, your friend sounds a bit like a basset hound, steals your seat and your meal if you move away from them even for a second.

Anonymous said...

I suppose someone should figure out the strange culmination of friends represented in this somewhat puzzling circle, but it won't be me. I can't imagine a more diverse group from whence you all have sprung, but it has to make for great conversation and even greater theatre. I've known Dave, Rick, Tony and Dennis for a long time and while it seems odd that they share anything in common, in reality, they don't seem to care. Tony kinda' represented the anchor of the group...an anchor to one whose's anxious, one whose's raw, one who is debonair (I guess), yet they seem to have been part of a large machine, each not quite able to be complete without the parts of the other. I know you will miss the anchor, I hope that only for a little while will you drift aimlessly about. I know that while each of you will seek a port in this storm, it will be necessary for the sum of your parts to carry on, to take up anchor and move forward. Here's keeping you in my prayers to let you know that my peace is with you. The other Tony.

Dave said...

I'm anxious? Other than that, you're right. I never figured it out. The common bond was tolerance. And, if you think we were diverse, sometime remind me to tell you about eating breakfast together.

Anonymous said...

Anxious when compared to the others. It's obvious that you picked yourself out of the descriptions, I suspect the others may or may not agree with their labels. Rick doesn't see himself as "Raw", he sees himself as Rick. Dennis probably prefers not to have labels, that way he's not required to discuss them. Look at how much communication commerce Big Tony has generated, and for a guy not known for generating conversation, only responding to it. He'd probably be embarrassed by all this fuss. The other Tony.