Monday, January 12, 2009

A Question

I just got home. I’ve obviously turned on the computer. The TV is also on displaying my least favorite Food Network star, Rachael Ray, as that was the channel on when I shut down last night.

The question is, why do women without appreciable cleavage always display it, as opposed to women who have it and cover it?


Anonymous said...

ha ha... funny question about the cleavage. i found you by googling rachael ray. you should check out, they dislike rachael ray and poke fun at her all the time!

molly gras said...

Your Honor, the jury would like to be presented with evidence of "appreciable cleavage"; either pictorial or live presentation will suffice.

Posol'stvo the Medved said...

Dave -- you raise an excellent point. It's a bit like when we were living in Hawaii. It always seemed to me that the people with the smallest bathing suits were the ones who were least likely to be the ones I would have wanted to see in such skimpy attire. And vice versa.

Molly's question about what qualifies as "appreciable" cleavage reminds me of my college days. We used to rent old episodes of Star Trek and then play a drinking game called Bar Trek. The rules were simple -- you had a list of 10 - 20 cliches. If one on your occurred in the episode, you had to drink. Most were simple drinks while others were worth a full chug (such as evidence of Kirk or Spock getting it on).

One of my favorite cliches was referred to as "PBA's" on the list, or "Pert Breasted Aliens."

Now, as you may have figured out, I am a bit of a literalist, and when someone tried to make me drink, I had a lengthy debate with her as to what constituted "pert". No, I did not have visual aids, but the alien in question was certainly not Pert...

Dave said...

Molly, as Justice Potter Stewart said, "I know it when I see it."

Dave said...


Thanks for stopping by. Love FN, can't tolerate RR.


My favorite perky line is by a woman I was dating who was, well you get the idea, or you will, as she said "well I brought all of them today." I'd already noticed.


You have an active imagination, if it is failing you, Google Kim Basinger or do a word search at Hedy's place.

Hedy said...


As a previously endowed/presently pert creature, I can say that most chicks with big boobs hide them under the false notion that covering them up will somehow keep men from looking at them. This is the same reason that women with negligible boobage let them fly free: In hopes that someone, anyone will pay attention.


DaleC said...

Boobs are like money, the more you have the less you flaunt it.

Notable exceptions are Dolly Parton and The Donald.

Lifehiker said...

Since you brought up the idea of boobage, here is one of my pet peeves - women who wear revealing tops or skirts and either a) spend all their time pulling them up or down to hide what the clothes were clearly designed to reveal, or b) give me an angry glance when they notice me noticing what they have clearly decided to put on display.

One of my sons dated a cute girl with a rather voluptuous figure. She wore beautiful but revealing clothes, absolutely shamelessly, as though she liked her figure and didn't mind if you did, too. After a few minutes of admiring her awesomeness, you forgot about it and found out that her real beauty was a delightful personality.