Friday, January 30, 2009

Stimulus My Ass

"State Fiscal Stabilization Fund. For necessary expenses for a State Fiscal Stabilization Fund, $79,000,000,000, which shall be administered by the Department of Education, of which $39,500,000,000 shall become available on July 1, 2009, and remain available through September 30, 2010, and $39,500,000,000 shall become available on July 1, 2010, and remain available through September 30, 2011: Provided, That the provisions of section 1103 of this Act shall not apply to the funds reserved under section 13001(c) of this title: Provided further, That the amount made available under section 13001(b) of this title for administration and oversight shall take the place of the set-aside under section 1106 of this Act."

This is language from HR1, the House bill that was passed yesterday. Here’s the link if you’re if a fan of turgid language at Thomas. Language a little further down in the bill requires governors to spend their share on funding education at 2008 levels as a first priority.

So, I’m a state governor and I’m figuring out the 2009 budget. It wouldn’t look too good it I cut education funding by 50%; but, times are tough, 25% is reasonable isn’t it (wink)?

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