Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

Going to a store is not among my choices today. Even if I weren't shopping averse, I haven't started thinking about holiday shopping. And, I won't for a couple of weeks.

The list of people to buy for has gotten shorter by family edict. Some years back, also by edict, my brothers and sister-in-laws and I stopped giving each other gifts. This year, two of my nieces graduated from college and I'm told they are not to be on the list. It kind of bothers me; but, family peace requires that I comply. So, the family shopping is reduced to one niece who's still in high school.

The office list has grown by two. There's a new secretary and a new assistant. But they're easy, I traditionally buy tree ornaments for office staff. That sounds cold doesn't it?

The personal list has decreased by one, Big Tony. And it isn't too hard either, sweaters, shirts, wind shirts, books (sorry Rick, but, you knew that's what you were getting - maybe I'll surprise you).

I'm going to expand the charity list to the local NPR radio station, WABE. It has been moving, slowly, from boring classical and opera to more news and features. A reward is in order.

It seems I'm done thinking about what to get early. Other than Rick's surprise, that's it.

If it wasn't 33 degrees outside, I'd go play golf.


Sonja's Mom said...

I have very little shopping to do this year. There are a couple of little things I would like to get but would not go out today for all the money in the world. I helped my children financially earlier this fall with the understanding that would suffice for the holiday's. Easy peasy. I have only my great niece's and they get Barnes & Noble gift certificates this year.

My Water Aerobics class has a Holiday Lunch each year and we all bring everyday items for the local women's shelter. There is so much it takes two cars to deliver it all. The shelter is so grateful and everyone feels much better about doing this instead of buying some silly something for a gift exchange.

The holiday's were fun when the kids were little and we had an abundance of family around but now it is just another day and that is fine with us.

Lifehiker said...

I'm so glad you are supporting public radio, one of the last bastions of civility and intellect.

Hedy said...

Hey Dave - Happy (belated) Thanksgiving. I'm on the couch contemplating a little black Friday online shopping. Contemplating. Our list is smaller, too. When family members are unemployed it kinda puts the whole gift madness in sharper focus. At least on THAT side of the family. :)

Hope you're enjoying the day.