Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sometimes you should do what you are told

I've always been resistant to the title.

My parents learned early on not to tell me what to do; rather, they told me what they wanted and why and most of the time I did it (or didn't but hid the result).

Back when when I worked for a corporation, I followed the rule that "they" only mean it when they say it for the third time. I made it in the corporate world by doing a pretty good job, not by my superiors' admiration of how I did it.

I'm still the same as I was when I was a little kid (except when a judge tells me to do something). Thursday I cooked dinner. I switched from the dressing recipe I've used in the past to a more herby dressing. It called for more of some things than I was used to, one of which was chicken broth. It said three cups which seemed too much. I read the ingredient and the interim advice that I should add the broth a half cup at a time until "you have the moisture you want." I dumped it all in.

I got moist, bordering on mush. It tastes good, but.

I just got done fixing the moist/mushy leftovers by about an hour in the oven at 250 degrees. Browned it up and dried it out.

I'm not saying I'm going to completely change my ways; but, I may pay a bit more attention to what I'm told, especially if I'm not sure what I'm doing.


Jeni said...

I had to chuckle over your "adjustment" to the recipe. Guess I am kind of like that at times too in the kitchen. "If this is good, then more must be better" sometimes is my mantra. The end result as my kids will attest -sometimes isn't all that shiny but every now and again, things work out okay when I experiment. About the only time I don't monkey with a recipe and the measurements/directions is when I am baking -cake, cookies, pies and the like. Although I have had some accidents in those areas from time to time -usually not good for the tastebuds those tend to be.

Lifehiker said...

We have a lot in common, Dave. For one thing, we're both men,and it seems genetic that most men act just as you did with the recipe.

Thank goodness that we also have the creative gene that helps us extricate ourselves from our messes; just put it in the oven and bake out the extra moisture! Nothing to it. Go, man, go.

fermicat said...

Always a good idea to proceed with caution when trying a new recipe. At least you don't have a spouse "back seat cooking" like I have, giving unsolicited advice.