Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Rainy and Cold Night in Georgia

Hurricane Ida is apparently a bust on the Gulf Coast. Its forward bands found their way to the Peach State sometime last night (at the point I woke up and heard the heavy rain). They and their following bands are slowly making their way through town, projected to end tomorrow.

Hurricanes are supposed to drop WARM rain. Not Ida. The winds are blowing and the high was something below sixty degrees. Pelting describes the result.

A few months ago as our drought was ending, I'd have shrugged it off with "well, we need the water." Not now, we don't need the water. The Corps of Engineers is just going to let it out of Lake Lanier and let it flow back down to Alabama and Florida where it came from. Lots of extra, unneeded effort - just keep it there in the first place.

Then, there's the fact that I had a great idea, that's turned into another bust. I mentioned on Sunday that I'm going to NOLA for the weekend. I hate the little earphones they give out on the plane; and, I hate flying. The solution to both was to buy a decent set of earphones and get some DVD's from Netflix for the trip. The earphones work great on the Macbook. Today, as the rain fell, I realized that I get most of my Netflix movies in BluRay. But, you can't play them on the Mac I realized and confirmed today. So, do I pay the exorbitant charge for GoGo and watch a streaming movie on an hour and a couple of minute flight?

Finally, it's November, and despite all my efforts, bugs think that where I live is a place they should be. I know it's getting cold outside and they want to find a way to get to the inside of the walls; to where it's warm but, really, they've been around for millenniums longer than we have and survived! Quit coming in and dying from the poison, making me pick up your little carcasses. Thank you.


Dr Jenn said...

u cant rent some @ the grocery store, non-blueray?

Dave said...

I could I suppose; but, I do have Billy Elliot, non-BluRay. That will get me there and maybe back since you can't fire up the computer till you get to 10K feet.

And it is still raining. Atlanta got burned by Sherman, now it's being drowned by....

fermicat said...

"So, do I pay the exorbitant charge for GoGo and watch a streaming movie on an hour and a couple of minute flight?"

No! You download the Dr. Horrible trilogy on iTunes (very modestly priced, and 45 minutes of running time is perfect for the amount of time they will let you power on an electronic device on that short flight). Then you enjoy once you climb above 10,000 feet.

I did not enjoy the sideways blowing rain as I walked the four city blocks from the train station to my gritty urban work location. My cheap umbrella turned inside out several times and was completely f----d by the time I got inside the building. I had to dry my skirt and boots off with paper towels. Ida can take her rain and shove it.