Saturday, November 28, 2009

Here's hoping H1N1 isn't much of a threat

Because if it is, I'm screwed. I just spent an hour or so trying to find a place that has the vaccine, in person at two drug stores and then online. No dice.

And if multiple and varied Google searches don't find something, it doesn't exist. How hard would it be for or (and other news sources) to have a page that provided, say on a daily basis, just where you can get the shot? This is the third time I've spent time trying to find a location that has the vaccine. I'm persistent and I figure most people aren't. As time passes, fewer and fewer people will make the effort. When it's finally widely available, I'm thinking a lot of people who would have gotten it, won't.

Who's fault is that? Got to call it as I see it: the Obama Administration and the media. The Administration can't be blamed for the slow pace of incubating (?) the vaccine; but, from what I can find it's doing nothing to make information available about where to get the vaccine. The media would rather do the easy story about how the government is screwing up, rather than assigning a reporter to track down the available doses and update the information on a regular basis.

Bad government! Bad media!


Sonja's Mom said...

My Dr told me that anyone born before 1950 should be alright without the vaccine. Apparently we should have enough immunity to ward off the swine flu. He said it was more important for us to get the regular flu shot. I don't know how old you are but I'm not worrying about it.

Dave said...

Missed the cutoff SM.