Sunday, November 29, 2009

This just doesn't seem all that hard to me

This, being how to fix the problem with print and internet news.

Rupert Murdock is mad at Google and talking up an exclusive deal with Microsoft's Bing for his content. It may be just me; but, I can live without Fox and The Wall Street Journal. Hell, I live without them now for the most part, and they're free (WLS only kind of free and that only proves my point, see below).

But, if I've got some money, some of it will go towards news. I've written this before. I'm willing to pay for news. For years I paid for a paper newspaper and various magazines at various times; but, with the free versions online available, the price of the paper got too high (though I spend a couple of bucks a week to read the paper paper a couple of days at lunch).

Since News Corp, NYT, ESPN, CNN, ABC, the other alphabet sources, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Apple and others don't know how to solve it, Rather Than Working News (RTW News) is willing to step into the breach (get ready for a big increase in bandwidth hereabouts Comcast and Blogger).

The trick is economy of scale, critical mass. You a news source? Give me your content at what, 1/100th of a penny per hit? I'll sell it for 2/100ths of a penny to everyone else. Discounts available for volume readers. Think about it, it's a perfect market. Thousands of sources (and that's the part that Rupert doesn't get, see above) and millions of consumers. Quality gets more hits than dreck, and quality is defined by the consumer. ENews!, TMZ and others like them will have every opportunity to compete with The New York Times, Fox, CNN, and so on. If you publish good stuff, the pennies add up. Dreck, you have Rather Than Working's income; but, that's about to change!

People pay for ringtones and fart applications on their cellphones. Media, if you can't compete with that, you either don't need to be in business; or, the world as we know it has slid over the cliff.

And it shouldn't just be RTW News that does this. Competition in quantity, quality, price, access, layout, bring it on!

So Rupert, Sergey, Larry, Bill, have your people call my people. And you venture capital angels/vultures? I could use some cash for all the servers I'll need and a couple of Georgia Tech grads to figure out the boring stuff.

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