Thursday, November 05, 2009

A Flair for Oratory

I don't feel like making the link pretty:

And the link doesn't work, so cut and paste.

Ah, every now and then I just want to be a flaming liberal. This Grayson guy from rural, as much as Florida can be, Ocala has a flair for oratory. Yes, he's the far left side opposition to the GOP right wing flamers but he is so much better at it than they are (You lie!).

You only need to watch the first and third videos, he explains what he is doing in the first, you can quit once you get a flavor of the recitation and skip to the third where the GOP guy tries to cut him off.

So tell me, he isn't just cool?

And if you didn't go to the link, his point was that people without insurance die more than people with insurance, to the tune, if I remember correctly, of about 4oK a year. He noted that we would be incensed if el Quada (or however it's spelled these days) killed that many Americans each year. He then pro-rated the number of uninsured dead attributable to each Republican Representative, reading the number of dead, the district number and the name of the Representative.

So much more compelling than You Lie!


j said...

Dave I a shocked that there hasn't been a torrent of comments railing against the congressman from FL!!! The followers of your blog are usually so fair and balanced.

Panties in wad over a radio host but insane comments from an elected official of the U.S. Govt doesn't even elicit a whimper of condemnation (other than you of course by posting the blog in the first place) .

By the way - if so many folks are dying each day for lack of health insurance why is Obama not rolling out his salvation until after the next election in 2012??? Riddle me that bat man.

Dave said...

J, just in the nick of time, you saved me from continuing to draft a complaint.

The Fla guy, like the SC you lie guy is playing to his base.

I wasn't overly upset with the you lie guy. Intemperate, out of place, over the top; but, he tried and did make his point.

Same with the Fla guy, with, as I said in the post, more flair.

As to Obama and timing: sausage making. Congress is a herd of kittens not known for following leads. Congress is also not known for wanting to take a stand when it can be held accountable for the stand. Sixty votes in the Senate and 51% in the House are not easy tallies to come by.

Robin my boy, are you happy with the master's explanation?

Jim Donahue said...

His recent comments about Dick Cheney, though amusing, sounded like they could have come from Hugo Chavez.

He doesn't make me wince as much as, say, Rep. Bachmann, but close.

j said...

The 'you lie' guy was accurate but rude. The FL guy is at best histrionic but more likely at worst a raving lunatic. Lack of health care is tantamount to a "holocaust" ??? GOP 'wants people to die'?

Dave said...

Were I to be really bored this weekend, unlikely, given the weather predictions, I'd do some research on what people said on the floor of the House and the Senate and regale you all with the duels that occurred way back then.

It would be really interesting if these guys came strapped to the floors. You lie! Bam! GOP wants dead poor people! Bam!

To wind back to Rush, from his AIB studios, "you are all liberal, commie, pinkos!" Bam, from the frustrated guy that cleans the floor for minimum wage!

The beauty of our country is that we can talk and talk back and write and respond.