Saturday, November 21, 2009

Portents of What Will Surely Come

The U.S. has spent $53 billion for reconstruction projects in Iraq. Much of what has been built isn't being used, and quite possibly won't be used. Why? Lack of Iraqi funds to maintain and equip the projects and lack of trained people to operate the projects. Details to be found here.

Then there's the upcoming January election; or, more properly put, the election that doesn't look like it will happen due to a veto by a Sunni guy and a threatened boycott by the Kurds. Details here.

But we're going to do much, much better in Afghanistan: Obama and the Republicans say so, just like Bush and Cheney told us about Iraq.

I can see a swath of sinners settin' yonder
And they're actin' like a pack of fools
Gazin' into space lettin' their minds wander
'Stead of studyin' the good Lord's rules
You better pay attention, build your comprehension
There's gonna be a quiz at your ascension
Not to mention any threat of hell
But if you're smart you'll learn your lessons well!

Every bright description of the promised land mentions
You can reach it if you keep alert
Learnin' every line and every last commandment
May not help you but it couldn't hurt
First ya gotta read 'em then ya gotta heed 'em
Ya never know when you're gonna need 'em
Just as old Elijah said to Jezebel
You better start to learn your lessons well!

(from Godspell)

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