Sunday, January 03, 2010

364 Days

If you are new here, skip this post or do a search on the blog for "Tony."

Tony would be happy that I'm not so slavish that I had to do a post on the exact anniversary of his death. Instead, I'm beating it by a day.

I quit writing about his passing a long time ago; but, I and our friends didn't quit thinking. The thinking is sporadic these days. A subject comes up and the conversation drifts to something he said or did. Someone says "Bastard" and we move on.

Tony, the other Tony, left a comment on one of my early, angry, posts:

"Tony kinda' represented the anchor of the group…they seem to have been part of a large machine, each not quite able to be complete without the parts of the other."

He's right, it isn't the same. We've moved on, adrift without the anchor. In fact, "we" aren't without him. That isn't all bad. I've had to extend myself, reach out to others. And work a bit to maintain part of what was.

Calm center, everyone needs one.


Lifehiker said...

Getting older means that some of your friends don't. It's a hard thing. Thank goodness for the memories.

Keith said...

May you have peace in the memories of Tony.

fermicat said...

I trust you hoisted a drink (or two) in his honor today.

Hedy said...

Something Crown Royal-y perhaps? This was another beautiful tribute to your friend, Dave. Take care.

Debo Blue said...

To Tony (left hand raised-unfortunately empty) and all those centers who have left us.