Saturday, January 02, 2010

I hate this stuff

For someone who makes his living negotiating, litigating and solving problems, I am remarkably averse to personal conflict. I'm the kind of person that doesn't argue. I don't yell. I procrastinate and avoid.

I was driving home this afternoon and the "Malfunction Indicator Light" came on. A bit of Googling has determined that it is the Hyundai equivalent of the check engine light. Further Googling indicates that it can mean almost anything.

So here's the thing. I immediately run through all the things that will result in grief. Out of bumper to bumper warranty? No - a few thousand miles to go. Thus the power train warranty is still good too. Did I miss any scheduled maintenance? Nope. Oil changes as scheduled and the 60K mile major stuff is, again, a few thousand miles down the road.

There is the "recommended" changing of some fluid or other by the Dealer that wasn't in the maintenance manual that the Dealer said I should do, that I declined and the service writer notated on the sheet they fill out. I was going to make an issue of it but didn't. Is it about to come back to bite me?

Anything else that can be wrong? I don't know, but I'll gnaw at it till Monday morning when I take it to the dealer.


Sonja's Mom said...

I have a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee that I bought in 04. About a year after I bought it the check engine light came on and has been on ever since. Nothing has happened. It has 35000 miles on it. I change my oil every 3000 miles and other fluids as they are needed. My Jiffy Lube people tell me when I need a new air filter and other that that I have had no problems with the internal part of my vehicle. I probably should worry about it more but there are so many other, more important things to care about (world peace, healthcare, Sarah Palin, etc.) I just don't have the time.

Dave said...

SM, the light was on this morning and then went away. I suppose I'll still take it in and see what's up.

I'm not worried about Sarah Palin, she's entertainment.

Elk lighting said...

I hate conflict. I don't know how you do ti.

Dave said...

Hey Elk, welcome to commenting here. If I have any lighting needs....