Friday, January 08, 2010

Fortress of Solitude

The picture shows the exterior of the fortress, my office. Getting here this morning was a bit like Superman's journey to the original fortress, cold and lonely.

We had .6" (note the decimal point) of snow last night. That is about half of the annual average snowfall in these parts.

Atlanta doesn't do snow. We panic. We buy up bread and milk. Schools announce they will be closed. Employees tend to report that they are iced in.

There are legitimate ice ins. I just got an Email from Bill the Engineer. He lives in a condo complex that is quite hilly and is literally ice bound.

But most absences are less legit. There is no one here in the fortress of solitude except me. I even succumbed to "Ice Jam '10" (yes they name our snow "storms") by not leaving home till about nine.

It is cold - the wind chill this morning was about zero. And, it's supposed to stay that way till Monday or Tuesday.

Yet another weekend of no golf.


Keith said...

That's why I'm in Phoenix. But ask me how I feel in July.

Sonja's Mom said...

Daughter had to scrape ice off her windshield yesterday - in Largo Florida!

Eric said...

We only ended up with 10" on Thursday. Add that to our 7" already on the ground. The snowblower hasn't missed a beat this year and sledding has been good. But we've not seen anything over 31 degs since Christmas day, so it's a pretty typical Wisconsin winter after a non-typical warm November.

Dave said...

Hey Eric. We are on our way back to being the South. It broke freezing today and the high tomorrow is supposed to be in the forties, with fifty possible Tuesday or Wednesday. I'm thinking of getting a tee time and playing hooky.

Anonymous said...

My house is at the bottom of a hill, and I often was the only person legitimatly iced-in. But really, I would have called in anyway. :)

(Google won't let me log in- this is Thomas.)

The Curmudgeon said...

TV stations have to sell panic.

But 0.6 inches of snow doesn't seem like a lot to panic over.

I'll agree that black ice is scarier, though, than a foot of snow.