Saturday, January 16, 2010

White Meat?

The Thursday night, once or so a month dinner group ate at the Horseradish Grill night before last.

The moon, stars and perhaps a black hole were aligned. I wanted to quote Jesus Christ Superstar, but was too lazy to go find the actual quote.

There was a disconnect between our orders and the server and the kitchen. I'll not bore you with it, beyond saying that two attempts at the signature dish failed with a few other basic matters. If you live hereabouts, I don't recommend the place.

The signature dish was fried chicken.

As conversations elliptically go, once the first attempt had failed, Bill the Engineer said that wings were white meat. His factual basis being that if you order white meat chicken at a fast food restaurant, you often get a wing with a breast.

Two of us said he was full of it. Wings are dark meat. With four smartphones at the table, I was first to check his foolishness. According to, wings are white meat, He's right according to the Internet.

I'm saying the Internet is wrong. White meat poultry is the breast. Legs, thighs and wings are dark meat, the result of more muscle movement. Right?

Comments are welcome.


SonjaB said...

Wings= White meat.

Sonja's Mom said...

I only eat wings - the little drumette (part that connects to the rest of the chicken) is white meat while the little flappy part is a mix of white and dark. Thus, wings are predominately white meat.

Lifehiker said...

Dave, take this one all the way to the Supreme Court and you will still lose!

Dave said...

Ladies and guy, the closest I've come to not losing is that way back when chickens flew, their wings would be considered dark meat. I've spent all my life with them as dark meat, despite all opinion and evidence to the contrary, I'm sticking with my categorization.

Bill the Engineer said...

See, wings are white meat in a democracy.