Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Some Posts That Didn't Pan Out

I'm dry when it comes to getting interested enough in anything to write about it. Even if something interests me, I find I don't have much to say other than to regurgitate what I've read - you can read for yourself. Then there are the ideas that require too much work or just don't have any substance. Some of the latter:

All cable channels are the same. More specifically, there's no difference in programming on History, Discovery, Bravo, TLC or their cousins. I don't want to watch poker, see what happens in a pawn shop, on a boat (or in a truck) in cold weather or learn how something's made (be it a widget on the Science Channel or potato chips on the Food Network).

National security after recent news events: It's obvious changes are needed; but, I'll be damned if I know what they are. I hope some of the people in charge do.

Our arctic weather, especially down here in the South. The lead for a post: Shovel ready recovery project - build a tall wall to keep the cold air up there where it belongs.

Just who is Tila Tequila? What is her connection to Casey Johnson? Just what kind of person follows (is that the right word?) her tweets about her grief? The questions grow: beyond being an heiress, was Casey Johnson anyone beyond being one of the current crop of Spears/Lohan clones?

Is it the Dems or the GOP that's on the ropes? Today every news site says the Dems are in big trouble this fall with two or three Senators retiring. A month or so ago wasn't there a burst of reporting that the GOP was about to implode because its far right had too much influence?

We have a lot of unspent bailout money. You think Cheney would shut up for a low eight figure bribe?

How come Emeril Lagasse was on Iron Chef America on Sunday, billed as a "super chef?" I thought they put him out to pasture a couple of years ago.

I didn't know that senility (stupidity?) could come on as quickly as it appears to have with Brit Hume.

I hope regular programming will resume soon.


Sonja's Mom said...

So do I. TV is a great waste land right now. I spend my afternoons watching reruns of Law and Order. Usually fall asleep.

SonjaB said...

Now you know how I feel all the time.

fermicat said...

You could write about Atlanta's impending "snow event". I made the mistake of stopping by the grocery store on my way home from work today. I was there because I was out of wine, not because I need bread or milk in advance of our whopping 1/2" of snow. BIG MISTAKE. I ended up not finding a parking space (at 6:45pm), said to myself "screw dat" and went home.

Dave said...

I think I'm back in the groove Ladys, I did a post today.

Fermi, it snowed today, real live flakes and everything. I've got milk, bread and eggs. And beer. Ready for the game tonight.

fermicat said...

We've got that single-molecule-thin layer of snow at our place now. PDM made the beer run today. He wasn't grumbling when he returned, so I guess the mad panic at the grocery stores is over. We're watching the game, but not for much longer. No real suspense at this point, and I am still depressed from how our bowl turned out. (And it looks like lots of our good juniors are going pro early, dang it.)