Monday, October 15, 2007

Great Gadget

As I believe I said before here, and as I know I’ve said in the real world, I am genetically disinclined to neatness. Messy is more my nature. I’m slow to clean.

After making a meal, the range, the pots, pans, counter and any other appliances used, or in the range of fire are messy. I’m kind to myself with that description.

I have one of those, here’s a problem, what is it? It’s a ceramic thing you put on the counter that has a depression in it shaped like a serving spoon. You put the spoon you are using to stir stuff on it.

Of course, I only have one of those, and I’m often stirring more than one thing. My usual solution is to just use the same spoon; but, now and again, the tastes are a bit too different and I mess up the ceramic thing and the counter.

Today I found the solution to this problem, I just have to find another couple to compliment the one I have, that my friend the Atlanta cop gave me. He had worked a side job over the weekend at a local festival “A Taste of Atlanta.” He got a couple of freeby gadgets and gave me one.

If you are from the South, think of a big stainless steel “Gem Clip,” a bigger, more sturdy, paper clip, (I just went surfing for a picture and found out that the paperclip was invented, but never patented, by the Gem Manufacturing Company in Great Britain, in the Nineteenth Century. I’m going to have to go back and find a picture that shows the version I’m talking about. It’s the one you need if you have a lot of paper that has to be kept together, too many sheets for a normal paper clip.) that has silicone on the gripping part and the part you squeeze with your fingers to open the gripping part. I can see I have no future in writing patent applications. OK, stupid me, a more refined Google search brings us to the Trudeau Stainless Steel Pot Clip as sold on If you go to the link, mine has red silicone. I got me one of these today.

It is currently in use holding the spoon above the pot in which I am simmering spaghetti sauce as I type. Another confession, for the first ten minutes of typing this post, the spoon was sitting on the ceramic thing, on the counter, next to the range and next to the Trudeau Stainless Steel Pot Clip of which I write. I am a creature of habit.

Anyway, I like this gadget. I don’t like Amazon’s price, $7.45. I’m going to have to do a bit more shopping.

On a somewhat unrelated subject, I think I found the “stocking stuffer” Christmas gift for some of my friends that play golf. RICK, QUIT READING NOW.

I was playing golf yesterday and picked up a tee on the tee box where they often are left because golfers have bad eyes and are lazy. It had a guy’s name on it, Gary something. I wonder how much five packages of a hundred, each with a different name are going to cost me?


Rick said...

I already have personalized golf tees....they say budweiser on them.

Ron Davison said...

Leaving a mess in your wake? I have that problem with paperwork - I have neat systems for bringing it in, paying bills, etc., and then the whole thing collapses on the back end into piles and piles. Sigh.

labwench said...

Why not save yourself the ~$8 and lay the spoon across the top of the pot? Just curious.

Dave said...

Rick, you never listen to me. You're getting the tees anyway.

Ron, as I read your comment at the office earlier today, I surveyed the surfaces. My piles merge with each other. I'm now thinking it's a bit kinky. I'm worse with paper than I am with the other mess in my life.

Hi Labwench, my bet is that you've wandered here by way of Fermi. Thanks for stopping and commenting. Why? If it's a wooden spoon, no problem, if it's stainless steel, a too warm problem. If it's one of those cheap plastic things made by Oxo, melt city, though they look good.

fermicat said...

I just lay my spoons on the counter top and clean it up later.

We were discussing gem clips one day at work. The non-southerners had no idea what we were talking about.

I.A.M.L. said...

Oh Dave - I thought we'd gone over the gadget stuff already...and from a show no less! Oh dear.

Well, your gadget looks useful I suppose, although you think the big yellow swiffer thing-y is useful too and we differ on that:-)

By the way, terribly sorry for not adding you earlier. Must have been the tequila I was sipping while blogging the permission form. Oops.

Mistake corrected now.

Anonymous said...

I'm one of those that mess up multiple items when cooking, but I usually clean up as I go along.

And like Fermi, I just lay my spoons on the stove top and clean it later.

Rather than spending $ on one of those things, why not take a small saucer and lay the different spoons on it?


Jeni said...

I have a nifty little spoon holder that sits in the middle of the stove just for those drippy spoons. However, I need a spoon for under the spoon as I move it from the pot to the holder cause I always end up with drips all over the stove that way. No justice, just no justice, ya know!
(Oh - and I saw those spoon clip things advertised some where else online -forget the name of the place now though - but they had 'em for a mere $6.99 each - maybe you could cut a deal if you bought them in quantity?
But I like Debo's idea better if you don't have a designated spoon holder thing - save money, use the saucer!

Rick said...

You're single and cook only for yourself...just lick the damn spoon and be done with it.

I.A.M.L. said...

Rick - Whoever Rick is....that's pretty damn funny.