Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Potpourri

I have not been out to the stores today, nor will I be going (other than to go to the T-Mobile Store to replace the SIM card in the new phone which I hope will turn the rectangle into a phone again).

With the wonder of the Internet, I’ve made money already this morning while lying on the couch. A client sent an Email and we’ve talked back and forth a couple of times through the ether about the problem.

I hope to do my part to stimulate the economy today if the HVAC guy shows up to find out why the furnace, though humming, is not providing any heat.

I have roast chicken, dressing, acorn squash, asparagus and pumpkin pie sitting in the refrigerator. I vow to actually eat the leftovers. No problem on the chicken, dressing and pie. We’ll see about the squash and asparagus.

I went into a Circuit City store on Wednesday. It was a bit disconcerting. There was plenty of stuff, but with odd gaps in the line of flat panel TV’s and computers. Plenty of video games. The employees were strangely chipper.

The local NPR station just went from Morning Edition to classical music. News won’t be back until three this afternoon. Atlanta ought to be big enough to support a music public radio station and a news/public affairs/features NPR station.

Time to trek to T-Mobile.


fermicat said...

I won't be doing any shopping today, other than perhaps buying a meal at a restaurant later. I also have not, and do not plan on doing any sort of work for my employer. I am using the wonder of the internet to comment on my friends' blogs and to keep track of multiple football games.

You don't need the radio to hear NPR news programming - just stream it online.

Dave said...

Ah, but when in one's car, one needs the radio, at which times I most listen to NPR.

I do need to check out the online stuff on the weekend when I'd normally be listening to the radio for NPR.

How's Silvio?

fermicat said...

Silvio has had a rough couple of days, but now that we're down to six people he has ventured out of his hiding place, very cautiously.

dr sardonicus said...

My new Impala came with XM radio. I never thought I'd pay to listen to the radio, but after having XM for three weeks, I'm never going back to regular AM/FM again.

Life Hiker said...

Atlanta, Land Of Culture!

Such a pity that Atlanta, a great big metropolis, has just one public radio station.

Little bitty Rochester, NY, has two - an FM all-music station and an AM all-news-talk. The AM station is largely NPR, but it also carries BBC-America and a pretty good local 12-2 slot.

Is it lack of money in Atlanta, or is it aversion to a different point of view, that public radio is second class? Whatever, it's too bad.