Sunday, June 07, 2009

Browser Wars

I’ve always used Internet Explorer. Not as a matter of love or even satisfaction – it was there, it got me where I wanted to go. Kind of like a Pinto without the explosions or whatever plagued that car.

Then, only on this computer, my home Dell laptop (my dissatisfaction with it is a different post), IE has become balky.

It loads quite nicely and takes me right to my start page. I then can click on favorites or use Google to explore, all the stuff we all do; but, here’s the rub – I can only do it once or twice, maybe. After that, if you click a link, it freezes. Whatever page you are on, you are there unless you restart, then it likes you again for a few clicks, again, maybe.

So, I quit using it, installing Firefox. Firefox is fine, except it and Blogger do not get along. You see, once I finish this post, I have to save it, open IE and post to Blogger. If I don’t, Firefox will “publish” it on Blogger in code. Then we’re back to the crapshoot of IE and whether it will open Blogger, and if it does, whether it will allow me to post.

So, a little while ago I decided to install Chrome. Blogger, Chrome, Google – seems like a good bet? Nah. Chrome downloaded clumsily, telling me that it would save my favorites, home page and settings and did none of that. Then it made itself the default browser without any warning. It has been banished.

Some luck, once I sent it on its way, I clicked Firefox which gave me a “I missed you” pop up which said “Firefox is not your default browser, would you like to make it your default browser?” Yes, yes my friend, thank you for asking; but, would you see your way clear to letting me publish my posts, or is that too much to ask?

I’ll save this now and go off to the crapshoot of IE.


Jeni said...

I've never tried Chrome. I do have both IE and Firefox on my computer here and I've not had problems publishing in Firefox. Well, not for a long time now anyway. For a while last year I was having issues -heck, I don't even remember exactly what they were but things weren't setting up the same on both IE and Firefox and the thing is, now I don't remember what the problem was and what I did to get rid of it. But I'm not sure I understand what you mean when you say you can't publish to Blogger with Firefox. I've never had that happen to me. What version of IE do you use though? I started with IE7 with this computer and it didn't function or play nice at all with this computer so I dropped back to IE6. But one issue I do have now is when I open IE, I often have to do two double clicks to get it to open and set up for me. And, as to bookmarks, supposedly Firefox will import ALL your bookmarks from IE but that's a lie!
Just keep trying to muddle through and work with it all the best I can since I am far from being a computer dork who understand even 10% of this stuff -what it does, doesn't do and forget about trying to fix it cause I'm really out in left field there!

ThomasLB said...

I use Opera, and am reasonably happy with it: LINK

Red said...

for the most part, doc and I both use firefox. You have to make it your default browser and you have to allow pop up's (they open in a new tab).

Good luck. I am using IE right now, lol, i clicked the wrong explorer ... not having used the puter in FOR ever!

The Curmudgeon said...

I use Firefox since my Oldest Son explained to me that this is what all the Cool Kids use. I've never had the problem you describe with Blogger.

I have seen formatting differences in my blogs between IE and Firefox, but not as many recently as in the past.

fermicat said...

Hmmm. I've been using Firefox for a long time and haven't had to break up any fights between it and Blogger. I only use Internet Exploder at work, and only because I have to.

Anonymous said...