Monday, June 29, 2009

Read the Ingredients

Taste as you go would be the second rule, after the title. I am trying to salvage some red beans and rice. The ingredients in Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning starts with “salt.” There’s other stuff, but all I can taste, having put what the recipe called for into the pot, is salt, salt, salt. I didn't read and I didn't taste till after too much of was in the pot. I don’t think you can unsalt, we’ll see.

UPDATED: Google gives me conflicting information. Putting a raw potato or some rice in a bag will or won't absorb the salt. I don't have any potatoes, the "instant" rice bag is soaking away.

SECOND UPDATE: The rice kind of works, it's less salty, though still too salty. That coupled with eating it with unsalted rice, may save the day.

FINAL UPDATE: The plain rice and the rest of the spices in the dish took care of the salt. Good, but HOT.


Jeni said...

If that were me, I'd probably just go on overload with the hot red pepper flakes. Quite often, depending of course on what you're fixing, a healthy dose of those things will overpower just about anything else, including those pesky taste buds in the back of your throat too! Might be worth a shot if you can deal with the really hot and spicy stuff. Which works fine and dandy for me but not so much so for my poor son-in-law!

Dave said...

Hey Jeni, it's way hot enough as it is. I'm towards son in law's palate.

molly gras said...

Dude, easy on the Tony's ... that'll shred ya! Try some Slap Ya Mama instead next time!

Dave said...

Hey Molly, I used the link and found out that Slap Yo Mama's main difference is less salt than I assume, Tony's. I will try it next time, and use a bit less garlic.