Sunday, June 07, 2009

Seventy Shirts

That’s not counting tee shirts, wind shirts and sweaters. I’ve got’em and that’s after culling twelve to drop off at the Salvation Army.

It includes dress and long and short sleeve casual, if that’s any excuse. I don’t change sizes and I’ve been meaning to cull for years. Those are my only excuses.

I don’t have any point in this post other than my amazement that there are that many shirts in the closet. I don’t wear most of them very often, though I discovered one that I don’t remember having that I kind of like.

So you don’t think I’m crazy, I have four pairs of shoes - dress, deck, sneaker and golf; some shorts and slacks, an overcoat, a leather jacket, a spring/fall jacket and a few suits and sport coats.

Seventy! Oh hell, I just remembered, I think there are a couple sitting on the dryer.


Jeni said...

Dave, if other women's closets are anything like mine, I'm thinking you and your seventy shirts of various colors, fabrics and type, can't hold a candle to how many blouses, tee's, sweaters, knit (dressy) tops, cotten knit tops, and various other types of shirts we women collect! And for the past six years -thanks to the yucky extra poundage -I have added only a few new items each year! I know they say that if you clean your closet and have things in there you haven't worn in a year, you should cull them out. But heck, if I did that, I'd have next to nothing to fret over when trying to decide what to wear, even though I know full well that at least half of my accumulation will never fit over my flab ever again! But parting -oh my, forget the sweet stuff, it is just sorrow then!

SonjaB said...

Back in the day, I had 4 pair of shoes, sneakers, boots, dress heels in 2 colors. Some time in the last 6 months, I became a "girl" and now have like 10 pair of shoes, whaich I think is still below the standard number of "girl" shoes.

DeboBlue said...

I don't have 70 anything!

I pretty much wear everything 'til it drops off mostly because I hate shopping.

Like Sonjab I may have more than 10 pairs of shoes but that's it.

Wow Dave, you must love drycleaning bills.

Red said...

Doc and I just donated twice that to the goodwill. I don't know how many to be exact; but we filled up the trunk and the back seat of his car!

Have you nothing else to do but count shirts in your closet? LOL!!!

Sonja's Mom said...

When we thought we were moveing to the mountains of North Carolina I gave away all my clothes that weren't jeans, t-shirts, shorts & sweats. Now I can't go anywhere nice because I have nothing to wear.

Dave said...

Luckily, only the dress shirts have to go to the cleaners.

fermicat said...

PDM would probably say I had 70 pairs of shoes. And I'd say "I wish."

But this reminds me, my own closet needs a good culling.