Thursday, June 25, 2009

Drama, Confrontation, Passive Aggression and Psychic Ability

Mostly I write stuff here that goes unnoticed or at least uncommented. Now and again, people write comments, usually about a bit of the post that seemed an aside to me.

Then there is my diatribe about my recent experience with UPS and a UPS Store. Scroll down a couple of days, the hyperlink didn't work, and I'm lazy.

I’m tickled by a person that commented, discounting everything I said, and branding me “a dick” based on the picture on the blog. Less than handsome? Yes. Graying and balding? Guilty. Not a snappy dresser? No way – that’s a tuxedo below my head!

Maybe laying out a lawyerly case for my umbrage with UPS and its franchise is res ipsa loquitur (look it up) proof of dickness. I’ll leave it to you.

Sadly, though I don’t think I’m self-righteous, sometimes I am a crusader. And I veer into mankind-saving when I’m not careful. I’m so far zero for however many attempts; but, I will persevere.

We need to make the world safe from major corporations! Walmart – watch out, I haven’t been too pleased with you this year! Anon, how are you with clothes that have bad seams and luggage with defective zippers?


Lifehiker said...

Every business owner needs to understand that it costs 20 times as much to get a new customer than to keep an old one.

Doing the job right the first time is job #1. Fixing a customer problem promptly and correctly comes before #1. Customer loyalty is likely enhanced more by the latter than the former.

I'm currently waiting for a large company to replace a pair of brand new hiking boots that failed on my last hike. The phone service person was great! I followed her instructions to the letter. But the replacement boots better be delivered soon, or watch out!

It doesn't really matter what kind of mood you were in when you dealt with UPS - your problem was real and UPS had a responsibility to fix it promptly and with a smile.

Lastly, I am highly suspicious of "anonymous" critics. Anyone posting on a blog stands tall, but those who are unwilling to claim their comments stand short.

Posol'stvo the Medved said...

Wow. Calling you a schvantz is like calling a kitten "ferocious".

The term is just a misapplication.

Debbie Curtis-Magley said...

Hi Dave:

I thought I should chime in on the conversation. My name is Debbie Curtis-Magley and I work with UPS Public Relations. I apologize for joining the conversation late. We try to respond to online concerns like yours in a quicker fashion.

First, I want to apologize for the lousy experience you had. My hope is that's the only bad encounter you've had (or will have) with UPS.

Secondly, I'd like to offer some help. You can reach me at Please send your contact details and if available, the tracking number for the shipment.

Hopefully, we’ll earn an opportunity for some praise on your blog.

Debbie Curtis-Magley
UPS Public Relations

Anonymous said...

Wow - Debbie - Very nice representation of your company! Hopefully you can help Dave!

Again - this is Laurie - Just checking the comments on this, since I actually chimed in for once...

Hedy said...

I was really hoping someone from UPS who really 'gets' customer relations would chime cool is that, Dave?

Red said...

darn it, I read the comments and forgot what the post was about. Hang on.

Oh yea..
GO GET 'EM DAVE! (Wallywurld that is, they need to be straghtened otu)

and I comment when I got time, you KNOW that! Oh and read. LOL. Yea, maybe some day.