Monday, June 29, 2009

What is passing for thought at American Thinker

I got a forward of an article on by L.E. Ikenga: Obama, the African Colonial (I couldn't find a link that worked: Google the title, it's all over the Internet - Limbaugh is talking about it).

The author is a first generation American, her parents emigrated in the 1970's from Nigeria.

To sum up her article:

1. There are two types of Africans, her kind that is shaped by traditional tribal, pre-colonial democratic values; and, the other kind that she doesn't like, those shaped by "the ideals of the European imperialism that overwhelmed and dominated Africa during the colonial period."

2. The bad guys talk a good game; but, you just can't believe them, they lie at every turn.

3. Barack Obama's father was one of the bad guys, a Marxist - no facts or analysis - he just was.

4. Obama wrote Dreams From My Father, which spoke well of his father and his heritage.

5. Obama is using colonial African politics to despotically impose his Marxist will on an unsuspecting America so as to drive democracy to its knees.

Long ago I was a teacher. When you write an essay or research paper you are supposed to have facts, analysis and conclusions. No facts and no analysis gets you a failing grade.


Red said...

I agree. Please don't let my blog be indicitive of my writing abilities. In the real world (and it's 6 degree's of seperation from the internet) I can write and speak well. Honest.

If what you are refering to was written for publication then the author should have had some supporting arguments.

I like to show different sides to a topic and then take a stand and sell it.

Jeni said...

With your last sentence, about how an essay is to be presented -I think the overwhelming majority of the so-called news people on Fox would be failing your class. And maybe a few of the regular media too I suppose.

Lifehiker said...

I got it. The title "American Thinker" is about as accurate as "Fair and Balanced".

dr sardonicus said...

Wingnuts don't need to back up their assertions. Just throw a few buzzwords around ("Marxist" is a hardy perennial), link them together, and keep the audience happy.

pdxtwa said...

So far, I have been unable to find this "L.E. Ikenga." The Ikenga is an Igbo variation of a tradition found among a number of peoples in southeastern Nigeria- It is not a name- but a wooden statue- usually with horns.

I believe this essay was not written by an African woman, but by a very racist white wing nut. Rush Limbaugh quoted "her" on his show.

I sent a query to, but so far have heard nothing. When I tried to email this person at the given address, it said that it was invalid.

A similar article was penned by "David Kaiser" who has denied writing it- or agreeing with its premise.

Dave said...

Hey PD, thanks for commenting. I had similar difficulty finding the author.