Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bush had balls, Obama doesn't

Yes, I voted for him. Yes he stepped into an economic mess. Yes, were he to fulfill the “mandate” that elected him, the economy and the society would melt down, as the mandate was the result of an inchoate yearning for too many conflicting desires projected onto his campaign.

That said, he talks a good game and practices government that would make Bill Clinton or George W. Bush proud, without their balls.

The answer to all of our woes is a, or a hundred, government programs. You say W and the GOP aren't in favor of such a huge government involvement in our economy? Look at what they did, not what they said.

With Obama, look at what he said last year and compare it to what he’s doing this year. The only mandate he is fulfilling is to load us with debt for generations with the hope, hope, hope that indiscriminate government spending will right the country’s economic ship. He and Congress don’t have a clue whether their profligacy will work. Bush and the GOP didn’t know what they were doing economically and neither does Obama, the Dems or the GOP now.

And what about that other mandate, the social mandate? Things like the Bill of Rights? Well Obama seems to have other fish to fry. He may get around to social justice later in his presidency.

At least W, as misguided as he was had the balls to use his office to affect the social change he wanted to see. Obama, not so much.

More of you reading my stuff skew to social liberalism than not. But all of you, would you really care if gay men and women got the same things that straight men and women got?

A few weeks ago “don’t ask, don’t tell” in the military got an okey dokey from the Obama administration.

This week, Obama’s administration, trumpeting some additional benefits to gay government employees – not health care for their partners – has filed a brief in opposition to providing such health care. This from that radical socialist! From a spokesperson:

“[I]t was standard practice for the administration to back laws that are challenged in court — even those it does not agree with — and that the president ‘wants to see a legislative repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act.’ Mr. Obama repeatedly backed repealing the act during his presidential campaign.” From the New York Times.

So, he takes a central premise of his campaign and defers to Congress which will do exactly nothing, which he knows. He uses his power as commander in chief to continue discrimination against gay people. These issues are ready made for executive orders. Does he believe in equality? Or, is he a closet Republican? Perhaps he thinks that he’s going to get right wing votes next time around by punting these issues?

Rick, Dale, Jay, you voting for him next time around because he's acting homophobic? I didn’t think so.

W had balls and misused them. Obama can’t seem to find his even when he needs to use them.


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