Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I am amused

One of the things I said I’d write about in the subheading to this blog, that I seldom do, is to chronicle my amusement.

I am running down the battery on my Google phone so as to hopefully recalibrate the battery for boring reasons. To do this, I have WiFi and GPS running while watching Baseball, the Ken Burns series from PBS, as a recording from MLB Network, while surfing on the net.

I just scrolled my way from home here in Atlanta, swiping the screen through the southern states across the Pacific and hit Asia. When you get there, the words on the map turn to Japanese or Chinese, I’m not sure.

It only took fifty or so swipes to get there. Take that Magellan and the rest of you old timey explorers.

The battery says it is dead; but, I’m going to see if I can get around the world at my parallel once I charge it. Jules Verne, watch out. That is the guy who wrote the 80 day thing?


The Curmudgeon said...

Heard this morning that GPS caused problems for an Atlanta resident yesterday: Seems the demolition contractor, carefully following the GPS, started knocking down a particular house. The man hired to cut the grass at said house called his employer and asked if he should keep working... inasmuch as the house was coming down.

"Um," said the owner. He subsequently said a few other things, to several others.

"Um," said the demolition contractor. "Maybe the house we were supposed to knock down was across the street?"

Sign this case up quick!

Dave said...

It's all over the local media, I thought about linking to it in a post; but, beyond telling people to read the article, I couldn't find any way to add to the humor.