Monday, June 01, 2009

A movie review, without much in the way of review

Pos reviews movies here. He talks about plot, direction, actors and so on. I recommend you read him.

As opposed to Pos, I am not capable of articulating why I like or don’t like art. I can tell you if I do or I don’t, not much more than that.

So, I like Benny and Joon from back in the early ‘90’s that I just watched on Netflix streaming. Johnny Depp, Aidan Quinn and others. Well written, acted and directed (the last I assume because I liked it). And Johnny Depp is a kick ass actor in most everything he does.

I’ve got two thumbs, they’re up.


Red said...

One of my fav movies of all times. Good choice.

Hedy said...

Love that movie.

"You're out of your tree."

"It's not my tree."