Friday, June 05, 2009

I don't get it

Georgia's Governor has directed all state agencies to cut 25% from their budget.

There's a lot of wailing and resistance about it reported in the media.

The latest "budget slashing" is in the state's prison system. Prisoners are only going to get breakfast and dinner Friday through Sunday. The same number of calories (2,800 for men and 2,300 for women) will be loaded on two rather than three meals.

I imagine there are some pissed off prisoners. I know, I know, criminals aren't a sympathetic group. That aside, it seems to me that managing them is made more difficult with the new program. Captive people lead a pretty bleak existence, looking forward to things like a meal. (While not a perfect analogy, I remember a grade school teacher's threat to skip a recess due to bad behavior by the class was taken quite seriously by us captives.)

So what is the state saving? The pay of a civilian food service employee or two. The electricity, soap and water needed to wash the lunch dishes. I wouldn't think there's a reduction in guards and food cost is the same.

Maybe there's something I'm missing; but, I don't get it.


SonjaB said...

There are probably not even civilian food service employees..the inmate usually work in the kitchen.

Beyond that I agree. From the standpoint of the officers having to watch these guys, they are not as safe if the prisoners are disgruntled

Jeni said...

Well, if they are only serving two meals but with the same amount of caloric content in each of these as there would have been in three meals, then it can't be in a food savings to be recognized, can there? Only way I can see this would be less expensive is that in fixing three meals, with the same number of calories then per day, the third meal -apparently lunch -would be of a different item or items than the breakfast or supper so possibly less food usage of different types of items then and maybe a savings somewhere in various labor costs, perhaps of gas or electricty -whatever type is used for cooking the stuff. I dunno but these budget cut things always tend to drive me a bit bonkers whether it be on the local, state of federal levels all often are just simply b.s. piled on more b.s. and them finding ways to trick us into believing they actually tried to trim the olde budget! Of coruse, they never begin with the wages of the reps, senators, governor, judges, etc. now do they?

Anonymous said...

I think it's less about saving money and more about pushing people around. Americans dearly love to push people around, especially if "they deserve it."

And of course, food sales at the commissary and vending machines will skyrocket.

fermicat said...

They could probably save a lot by taking certain non-violent offenders out of there and letting them serve sentences by house arrest. I'm thinking specifically of people who had the misfortune of getting caught with a small amount of pot.