Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Awards with no Prizes and Pans with no Punishment

The Los Angeles Times website gets an award for a fairly recent big upgrade of its layout. It’s clean and graphically pleasing, none of those blue underlined lists of hyperlinks to stories (see the Las Vegas Review Journal's website for possibly the worst layout I’ve ever seen, cluttered, duplicative, often with bad links).

NPR.org’s mobile site is great too, for different reasons. It loads really quickly, as do the page links. The stories are transcripts of the day’s radio pieces (poor typing and all). There aren’t a lot of them, eight or nine at any given time; but, they’re great quick reads.

Some minor pans of other mobile sites: Google News on a mobile device has a glitch in it that doesn’t always take you to where you were when you hit back. AJC.com has a similar problem, you go nowhere but a continuously loading IP number when you try to go back to a page on a mobile device. I suppose these are the results of me not going to their mobile sites; but, their mobile sites suck.

If you design websites, check out the LA Times, lots of good stuff to steal. One last pan, don’t copy the Huffington Post, it’s incredibly cluttered.

Finally, sorry there are no links. Blogger will not let me transfer them from Word lately, I guess Sergei and Bill are squabbling.

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The Curmudgeon said...

Perhaps if you type out your links in HTML format and transfer your posts from Word to the Edit HTML window instead of the Compose window?

I've done that.

With WordPerfect, though, of course, because Word is something I have only to humor clients.