Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Belief comes to Atlanta (I was tired of the picture anyway)

If you're like me you don't pay much attention to the title of a blog, the stuff underneath it or the author stuff on the side. If you're like me, look around a bit.

Though you might wish for a bump in content quality, all that's going to happen for this week, and it is hoped for a couple of weeks to come, is that you will know what the Braves are doing in their current quest to make the post season, mixed within the usual wildly varying stuff you read here.

More detail than you probably want on where the boys are to set the stage (see, I'm writing like a sportswriter):

The Phillies, leading the division, are out of reach, four games ahead with six to go.

But,the Bravos (sportscaster talk) are only two games behind Colorado (boo) and have two more games with the Marlins (here at Turner Field) who are playing like they are looking for some time off. Then we have the worst team in baseball in for the final four games, the Washington Nationals.

Colorado (boo) has three games with Milwaukee, not a bad team, at home, and then play the NL West leading Dodgers, who have ripped them all year, for their final three games of the year on the road.

Pitching, you ask about pitching? Nothing shaky (other than Hudson, less than a month back from elbow surgery, who worries me as games progress, and Lowe, who always worries me). Hanson is a possible NL rookie of the year, Jurrgiens is sporting an ERA about .7 for the last five games and Vasquez who just methodically pitches deep into games and gives up two or three per.

Hitting, the bane of the Braves in the previous decade of post-season mediocrity, is not too bad. Jones and McCann are coming out of slumps. LaRoche is a hitting machine. Escobar, Diaz and Prado plug along over .300. No really weak pieces around them.

One game at a time, starting in about an hour and a half.



fermicat said...

Dang it! Tonight didn't work out like we'd hoped. But we can still Believe.

dr sardonicus said...

The schedule appears to favor the Braves, but I think Colorado will gut it out and take the wild card.