Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Further AJC Confliction

I'm pretty sure confliction is word though Blogger spell check doesn't think so.

I bought an AJC on the way to lunch today. The nice lady told me, for what ever reason, that the seventy-five cent paper would be going to a dollar next month: "I got letter today!" She was shocked and so was I.

Since I read the online version a couple of times a day in short spurts, the paper paper is just enough, usually but not always, to get me through a twenty minute lunch. It's terribly thin, hell there aren't very many ads in it to skip anymore.

But, they've been doing some decent reporting in the last couple of months.

Am I going to pay a buck starting next month? I don't know. My first thought is that I can read it on the little Google phone screen while I eat. But, that isn't satisfying. I got over not reading a paper paper on Sunday mornings, making do with the laptop screen. I scan five or six papers online in spurts during the day on the big office computer screen. But, I don't know that I can give up a paper paper at lunch.

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Dr Jenn said...

Confliction reverts back to Conflict when looked up at thefreedictionary.com

means the same.