Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Season Change - Wait Just a Minute

Here in Atlanta we’ve finally hit Fall. It was in the fifties this morning and will stay that way for the rest of the week with highs in the mid-seventies.

Georgia, Georgia Tech and the Falcons are well into their seasons. All are less than perfect teams, too often giving their fans more heartburn than they want.

But, we’ve had a hitch. Out of nowhere, another team has re-emerged from a years long Fall disappearance. The Braves have won 7 in a row, 15 of their last 17, have the second best record in baseball since the All Star break and are improbably only 2 games behind Colorado in the wild card race with 6 games to go.

It’s like we were magically transported to 1991 and 1993 - worst to first and winning on the last day of the season to make the playoffs. Unlike in those years, the stands aren’t filled with fans chanting and tomahawking. We’re much more jaded this decade, the stands were about half full last night. But, those that were there were making some noise.

The Braves are giving out little signs that say “Believe!” to patrons. We did believe way back when, almost arrogantly after awhile. Then we kept on believing and were disabused of our notions of greatness. After all, 14 years in the playoffs and only one world championship to show for it.

Now, here they come again.

You invest all your emotions and ask the girl to the prom, she says no - where does that leave you? Dejected, a little hurt. But admit it, it was a bit of a rush leading up to the let down, wasn’t it?

Believe? Hell, why not!


Dave said...

And yes, I know the font is screwed up, it's fine in preview and gets wacky when I publish.

The Curmudgeon said...

Mr. Cox has announced that next year will be his last; perhaps the team wants to send him out in style? Alas, even if they snare the Wild Card in the closing days of the Championship Season, I don't think they'll advance very far this year either.

Dave said...

Ah Curmudgeon, don't say that, I'm getting on board here. It's the trip not the destination.

fermicat said...

Funny thing, right after I read this post on my feed reader, I went to the GT sports message board that I frequent. Noticed while reading the first new thread that someone had changed his avatar to one of those "Believe" Braves signs. Made me smile (and come here to tell you about it).

I'm loving this weather. Less humid = more pleasant walking from subway to my gritty downtown work location.

Jeni said...

I prefer to call my belief -year after fruitless year -in the Pirates as not being just another "Fair Weather Fan." Win, lose or draw -I'm still loyal to the poor old Pirates. Same goes for the Redskins too -been among their fan numbers since back in the days of Otto Graham and the 'Skins other nickname being the "Deadskins." And I also apply that theory to the local high school football team -which does appear to be heading towards a season just like it was in my Senior year -with nary a game in the win column. But I still loved my Alma Mater then and now as well.
If you can't support your team when they are down, then why should you qualify as a true blue believer when they win -be it one or big? ("You" not meaning you, personally Dave, but rather "You" as in society. Know what I mean?)