Thursday, September 17, 2009

Late for one thing, and early for two other things.

I don't check much anymore. It's a bit of a downer as my stats have fallen all this year.

I just checked and I'm averaging 19 visits a day and a bit over 30 page views a day, down from something over 30 and 50 at the first of the year.

The kind of good news, I missed my 30,000th visit by a bit over a thousand. I'm just over a thousand short of 50,000 page views. And, I'm a month or so short of a thousand posts.

I think part of the reduction in traffic is due to quality, it's lower here as I tend to dash things off, even more quickly than I used to. I also don't respond for the most part to comments and don't leave as many comments at your places as I used to leave.

I'm not promising any improvement in any of my failings; but, I really appreciate those of you that have been here for the long haul (since late 2006) and others that have come and stayed since. I do read what you have to say at your places and here, I just seem to have a thing about regular feedback and considered posting.


Jeni said...

I'd be more inclined to blame things like Readers -which I don't think always get reflected in our counts for visitors. Not unless the person using the reader, reads a post and wants to comment. That entails actually opening the other persons blog.
I don't think -at least in your case -that quality of the post is lacking. Okay, we all get a little bit on the slack side once in a while, but overall, you generally maintain your quality standards quite well. At least in my humble opinion, anyway.

Dave said...

Thanks Jeni.