Monday, September 07, 2009

Jerry Lewis, a bit long in the tooth

I'm surfing, the MD Labor Day Telethon is on a local independent station which says something I suppose.

Jerry is in the final hour, when from the last time I watched say ten years ago, it gets ratcheted up a bit. He's getting "final checks" from the corporate people.

He just got $11 million from Citgo, whose representative announced that it was a subsidiary of the State Oil Company of Venezuela (as opposed to its local ads that stress that the station owners are just local folks trying to make a living like the rest of us rather, than publicizing Chavez' hate for the U.S.). Jerry then said, in so many words, he'll take money from anyone, pretty much dissing the puppet guy.

He then sang "Mammy."

I'd love for the MD diseases to be cured; but, I'm thinking that Jerry needs to retire.


Sudiegirl said...

I've been praying for that for years.

dr sardonicus said...

He really sang "Mammy"? I haven't seen any of his telethons in about five years; the local Nashville stations don't carry it anymore.