Wednesday, September 09, 2009

This and That

I’m really tired of the computer I’m typing this on since I have the Mac at work. It takes forever for it to start up, for a program to load, to shut it down, to move to another website on occasion. But, do I really want to spend the money for a Mac Book? If I do, anyone want a cheap Dell Inspiron 1505?

I’m going to watch the big health care speech in about a half hour and wondering what I’ll think.

My middle brother’s birthday and 9/11 coincide on Friday.

While global warming is probably a real thing, this is about the coolest summer I remember since I’ve lived in Atlanta. The windows are open, a ceiling fan is on and I’m quite comfortable. It will be nice and cool in the morning.

I have a feather pillow that is leaking its feathers. I bought a feather pillow “surrounded by the softness of down” today with the plan to relegate the current pillow to propping my body while watching TV., the other pillow now to be reserved for guests. I love “real” pillows; but, I’m not sure what I just bought; and, it only cost $20. Can you get a good pillow for that price? More later if it’s interesting.

We have three football teams playing here in the ATL this coming weekend, all are favored. Tech is rated above UGA in the ratings. How’s it feel Fermi?

It’s time for “next year talk” for the Braves.

There’s a 17 year old girl from Marietta playing in the U.S. Open right now that is getting a lot of attention. You go Oudin! (I think that’s how it’s spelled.)

Five till eight.

It's about 8:30 p.m.

President Obama is noticeably grayer than he was last time I paid attention.

Republicans just stood up and applauded when he said that under "this plan" you can't be denied coverage for a pre-existing condition or canceled for the same reason. Think they really mean that?

While I'm watching and listening, you might not know, the Wall Street Journal just published today a Sarah Palin piece about "death panels" again.

The President just said that if you can "afford insurance" you will be forced to buy it.

Most of the Republicans didn't stand and applaud when he said there would be no death panels and some booed when he said that illegal immigrants wouldn't benefit from the plan. Bad PR it seems to me.

He waffled on the "public option." It's a good thing; but, not at all necessary.

I'm tired of live blogging. The Goppers are not at all happy. I'll leave it with, the President can talk.


fermicat said...

I worked late tonight and didn't have time to catch more than a few minutes of the speech. Will try to see it (or least read it) tomorrow.

College football rankings are worthless until you are about three games in. I wouldn't read too much into them now. I'll be at the game tomorrow night. We'll know more about whether that ranking is justified soon enough.

Other things in your post: PDM would tell you to get that Mac Book. I like feather pillows but they don't last forever. I don't remember this summer being that cool, but at least we got some rain now and then. It has been wonderful weather lately - first time in a very long time that the first football game didn't feel as though it were being played in a sauna.

Anonymous said...

Forcing people to buy insurance sounds like a boon for the insurance companies. I just have a feeling that when the dust clears it will be corporations that benefit the most from his reforms.

dr sardonicus said...

When single payer was taken off the table, things were bound to get ugly.

Sonja's Mom said...

Who determines if "you can afford insurance"? The IRS?