Monday, October 05, 2009

Another Word I Don't Like

Presser, as in "at his presser following the game, the coach said...." Too insidy and cute.

Lawyers are as guilty as journalists: "I've got a hearing tomorrow morning and a depo after lunch." Deposition is only six more letters. And "rogs" for interrogatories, way too insidy and not very cute.

I guess that makes three more words I don't like.


fermicat said...

I've seen this mostly in sportswriters' blogs. It doesn't appear that the editors do anything with those, and it shows. More grammar and spelling errors than in the official reporting. Also much more casual prose.

We're guilty of shortening words at work as well. Most common - using 'calc' in place of calculation or calculating. It gets weird when you write it as past tense. Is it "calced" or "calc'd"?

The Curmudgeon said...

If we didn't have our impenetrable jargon, people would understand what we do. Surely you don't want that?

(*holds hands up to face in gesture of mock horror*)