Monday, October 26, 2009

Who says the Internet isolates us?

I've spent the last few hours laying on the couch, TV on, but mostly ignored, surfing and carrying on multiple conversations with my brothers (pulling in a friend to answer one of my brother's questions about streaming internet on a new TV), a friend/former client and some current clients.

It's kind of like sitting in the family room. Some of the family are watching TV, others have some music going on their headphones, there are a couple of sporadic, varying conversations going on. I even have the new commercials via Emails from the various companies I patronize - Special AirTran deals to the Carribean! Jersey Mike's One Day Specials! The phone rings and you answer, be it brother, friend or client. Repeat all as the evening progresses.

And it turns out, the former client is a returning client. Communication is a good thing whatever the medium.


Jeni said...

I'd be right behind you to argue -just as you did here -about the internet and isolation, etc. If it weren't for the internet here, I WOULD be really isolated! Blogging helps me meet people from all over the world. Sure it's a virtual meeting and perhaps, some might say, it's maybe also an easy way for people to be duped. Perhaps they are right to a degree but overall, I've found blogging, chatting either on Facebook or AIM or e-mailing with friends and family to be -as you said -almost like having them sitting around the living room, discussing all kinds of things! I do think maybe the only drawback to the internet is that it does probably make the most contribution to our lives becoming way too sedentary. I know I do need some exercise but damn, that incurs pain and I'm totally against that!

Dr Jenn said...

i feel isolated because of the internet. I have been trying to stay offline because I feel like there is a lot of alienation due to the computers.

fermicat said...

I enjoy reading sports message boards on the laptop while watching college football games, and not just for my team's game (although that is fun also). It makes it feel like you are watching the game in a roomful of people.