Friday, October 30, 2009

A Public Service - Maybe

The link takes you to as article on preserving the life of the batteries in your laptop, camera, phone, etc.

It contains advice I've not heard before - keep your batteries charged between 20 and 80% and they'll last longer; there's no such think as "memory" in a lithium battery and you don't need to run them down to zero periodically, other than maybe, depending on the device's manufacturer's software, to recalibrate the discharge meter.

Reader beware!


fermicat said...

After reading that article, I am now wondering how on earth my laptop battery has survived my mistreatment for 5+ years. And I just removed the battery from my plugged-in laptop as well. I use the outlet power much more than battery, but didn't think to disconnect the battery once it is fully charged.

Thanks for posting.

Dr Jenn said...

thanks for posting this! 'splains alot