Sunday, October 25, 2009

Things I Don't Know

Why when nothing is bad, do I have a bad mood?

Is it because I have less time to recover that I'm more concerned about this recession than the six or seven that I've lived through as a grown up?

Who the hell cares if the President plays games with boys rather than girls? (With respect to one of the games he plays, I'm in a deep rut. As to basketball, I wouldn't want to play even if it was a game with girls.)

How to do stuff fast when cooking (lo mein in a wok was marginal today).

Why is it easier to get up on the weekend than M through F?

Why does Netflix Streaming now refuse to stream a movie when there's a DVD in the machine when it used to do so?

Related, why do so many movie DVDs change the way you go back to the movie from the "special features?"

And while we're on that subject, why does clicking the main remote on either TV I have sometimes turn on everything and turn off everything and sometimes not?

Rodney King had a point, why haven't we paid attention all these years?

Why do people interrupt a conversation or your response to what they have just said to you?

And on that subject, why do people talk loudly in a place where you shouldn't?

There will be no discussion of driving today.

It's late October and there are still bugs inside, though they're little bitty ones?

Wouldn't you think that a lawyer and an electrician would think to look for the wall plate that actually controlled the ceiling fan before they took apart another wall plate, a ceiling light and the ceiling fan before discovering that the people that cleaned the carpets after the minor flood had switched off the wall plate that actually controlled the ceiling fan? (There's a back story, if you're interested, tell me and I'll write a comment.)

Why have I lost the ability to read other than obvious break on a green? And even when I can see it, why do I misjudge the amount? Actually, I know the answer to this one, I'm really sucking at golf, I don't practice, I don't take my time and I don't concentrate.

As the days get shorter, why do I not get tired when I did when they were longer; and, still wake up when I did when the were longer; and, thus am tired when I get up? See above, this is a M to F phenomenon, which may provide an answer.

Why do the questions get longer the longer I type?


Jeni said...

I find I often ask that same question about why we don't pay any heed to Rodney King and his point. It was a darned good one. That's probably why no one wants to pay attention to it is what I'm thinking here.
Sad, isn't it?

Dr Jenn said...

I do not like getting up early any morning! LOL. Kids seem to get up just as early on the weekends as the week days. They were lenient on me being sick and let me sleep in when i was sick!