Friday, October 16, 2009

Living in Georgia, it's always good to have other governments to look down upon

Here's a pretty good summary of the guy in Louisiana that wouldn't marry an inter-racial couple. As has been said many times before, you just can't make this stuff up.


Debo Blue said...

Hey Dave.

I live in Arizona where so many other crazies live and act out I wouldn't dare point fingers at someone else and laugh.

I know that someone in AZ will do something so stooopid again to bring us back in to the national crosshairs.

How are you big guy?

Lifehiker said...

In my humble opinion, interracial couples should be encouraged, not discouraged. Mixing up the genes is a positive, I think.

I not only know plenty of people with interracial backgrounds, but I have a sister who married an interracial (but considered black) man. The kids are smart and very good looking. What's to complain about there?

I'd bet this bigoted white JP knows plenty of successful mixed race people, too. He's just against making more of them - can't face the competition!

Dr Jenn said...

I think it keeps the gene pool from getting watered down. Half of the American Health problems might just come down to too much of what was considered a good thing, like hip displasia in large dogs... inbreeding.