Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Some things I want that I probably won't get

Universal drivers for stuff that connects to computers. Back story: Why doesn't someone write a program that will connect my HP Laserjet 1000, my Xerox Documate 510, my Canon something or other digital camera and a few other things to my Mac computers. I'll give you some money, really, I will. HP, Xerox and Canon don't care about me; and, in the event they don't know it, I won't be buying their products until they do. Isn't there some smart computer programmer out there that could write the little baby programs and sell them? Am I missing something or is there some money out here to be had?

And, I want website czar that makes websites quit doing annoying things. My czar would make take me back to the main page rather than an unkown IP address which freezes when I'm accessing from my phone. He or she would make and many other sites have a button at the bottom of the end of the last page of a multipage story that would take me back to the page that I went to the story from.

And speaking of, isn't there anyone there that realizes the interstitial ads when I click on a story are annoying, and even more annoying when I see them again when I click back through the pages to get where I started? Don't tell the companies that pay you for these things; but, I don't "see" them; I've trained my brain to look for the "close" icon, no matter where you move it.

Why do I have to click on a story, and then click again to see the rest of it? Yeah, you want more page views; but, don't the people that advertise with you know you are manipulating the numbers?

Why have online papers gone away from having a place to click to get "today's paper?" You have to wade through the online sections and not get what you would see in the paper paper.

A slam at Android (Google), I send a text to three people, the replies don't come back to the three people thread, they come back to a new or old thread from each of the three people. I really don't like threads, put the stuff in my inbox, I'll handle it from there. And speaking of inboxes, Android really doesn't have one that I can find for Emails. Once I've looked at an Email, it disappears, only to be found by a search. Why?

Another slam at Android, why isn't there a way to turn off updates for an application? I installed Shop Savvy, an application that lets you take a picture of a product's UPC bar code and find out places it's sold and prices. The program has a new update that adds ads that I don't want and I can't get the phone to quit telling me about the update.

And, unrelated, why didn't DeKalb County fill in the two foot by three foot square hole someone dug in the right lane of North Druid Hills Road, about a quarter mile north of Lavista, prior to my hitting it with my left front wheel at about 4:00 p.m. today?


Lifehiker said...

It's the same old story. Technology improves and we get new problems along with it! That's a law of nature, unfortunately.

fermicat said...

That is quite the rant!

While DeKalb County is at it, they could also fill the giant hole in the right lane at the intersection of Clifton and Gatewood. I hit that thing every day.

Dr Jenn said...

sink holes? you've had a lot of rain!

dave - did you try geeksquad at Best Buy to see if they could synchronize all your stuff? I am sure they will charge you but... your willing to pay!