Friday, October 09, 2009


I'm listening to the Newshour on PBS. Some guy just said "he hasn't done anything yet!" The Chairman of the Republican party said something like his "star power cheated deserving candidates."

I'm thinking he got the prize for not being W who bulled his way through foreign policy on the unspoken slogan "our way or the highway."

Is the prize for achievement or promise or hope? If the first, they're smoking something in Oslo. If for the either of the latter two, maybe. And maybe, the prize will cause Obama to think again about domestic warrentless wiretaps, Guantanamo, and engaging in yet another unwinable war in Afghanistan.

In his speech this morning he said we can't "do it alone." But that is exactly what he seems to be about to do in Afghanistan.

It must be tough to be the Messiah.


Lifehiker said...

I can't imagine how hard it is to be president. I have trouble dealing with the politics of a small church...the politics of a country and the world are beyond comprehension.

But, I know there is a limit to how many battles one can fight simultaneously. Some problems have to wait until another day.

And I also know that some battles can't be won no matter how hard you try, and others aren't worth the cost of winning them.

Making all these decisions, knowing you will be wrong sometimes, is gut-wrenching if you really care about outcomes.

I think the president deserves a little slack. Time will tell.

dr sardonicus said...

I'm thinking what you're thinking. This looks like a slap by Europe at the foreign policy of the Bush administration, as well as a poke at American conservatism in general, as Europeans know the GOP can potentially regain power with any election.

Not sure that this is what the Nobel Peace Prize was intended for, though.

Keith said...

"our way or the highway"
Hmmmm...sounds like a few churches I've attended in the past.

eda said...