Sunday, February 07, 2010

$2 plus million...

was spent a couple of minutes into the game.

Not much controversy. Mrs. Tebow is happy that she gave birth to Tim.

I'm happy she did.

Then too, there are women that die giving birth and some decades ago, they had no legal choice to choose life for themselves were giving birth to be a death sentence for them.

In the scheme of Super Bowl commercials, it wasn't much, though the Bud Lite and Dorito commercials played near it, weren't all that memorable.

Dilution, the price paid for so much money.

Though the Bud Lite commercial showing the almost end of the world, as I type this, was funny.

UPDATED: About a half hour later, any of you guys going to buy "Dove for Men?" That commerical has to be one of the worst wastes of money I've seen.

And, the Saints are still in the game.

UPDATE 2: Almost the fourth quarter. Saints have still got a chance. The commercials still suck.

UPDATE 3: Up by 7, 5 minutes left. De may be Dat.

FINAL: Yes they are!


Sonja's Mom said...

And the Saint's go marching in!

Commercials were not all that good this year. Money could have been better spent although I did think the fiddle playing beaver was cute.

Keith said...

Throw that girl some freaking beads. Who Dat?

Lifehiker said...

Dove for Men - that's for me, with my 65 year old skin that's drying out before my very eyes. Just wait, young man!

Yeah, Tebow was not the fourth or fifth child born to a crack-addicted mother who had already abandoned the others. Ever worked with a crack baby? I have.

Haiti, with family planning, might have been able to generate some kind of economy instead of the crushing poverty that reigns there. But, the country is 80% Catholic, so you know what that means - make babies and who gives a crap about what comes after.

Great job, Mrs. Tebow. Now go back to your shielded life where tough decisions are never made. But, I'll kiss your feet if Timmy devotes everything over $100,000 a year to orphanages all over the U.S.

Anonymous said...

I just hate to see the advocacy ads getting started. Now that the genie is out of the bottle, we're going to be flooded with them from all sides.

I didn't want to debate abortion policy or any of the other Big Issues- I just wanted to watch a football game.

I wasn't surprised the Saints won. Peyton is the better quarterback, but the Saints had the better team.