Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Too Much

There was MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and now Google Buzz.

As best I can tell, the latter is better Facebook with a link to Twitter, if Google is to be believed (I'm holding out for the Wikipedia article).

The only thing I made sure to find out about Buzz was to make sure I can turn it off when Mountain View enables it on my phone - I can.

It isn't a sign of age, I have friends in my range and older that are on Twitter and Facebook; but, for the life of me, I can't figure out what their fascination is with them.

I was on Facebook for about an hour after Big Rick sent me an Email inviting me to join and friend him. Now don't get me wrong, Rick's a funny guy, a smart guy. His first words on Facebook were "just got to work, twelve hours to go." I cruised around his friends' places and got similar declarations of their beingness.

I resigned (though it took me several attempts to fully delete all my information - I think).

Google is apparently going to use its algorithms and GPS to send me more beingness pegged to my location and predilections, from people that it finds out I know from my contacts and from their friends and friends of friends. I guess they are hoping they've got a ready made Facebook list by way of people that have Gmail.

If I want to talk to you or write to you, I know where to find you. The same is true coming back this way. And if I don't know how to find you, hasn't that told me that maybe you don't want to know what I've got to say? Hell, I don't put enough thought into what I write here, do you really think you want to be pushed my random thoughts? The answer I assure you is NO.


fermicat said...

There is a reason I didn't get the data plan on my cell phone. I don't NEED to be connected all the time. Sometimes you just need to hang out and live.

Lifehiker said...

I think your random thoughts would be too much for me, although your organized thoughts always entertain or educate me.

Dave said...

Fermi, I turn off my phone just about now. Friends and clients know how to find me and even then, I'm not real good at getting back to them right away.

LF, my thoughts, until I wrassle them to the ground are scary things. I wish there was a way to record them and look them over later and pick the fruit.