Sunday, February 14, 2010

My picture is next to stupid in the dictionary

First, a heartfelt thank you to Apple and Migration Assistant; but, we'll return to that below.

Friday night I was doing the usual, reading, surfing, watching something on TV. I came across an article that talked about getting rid of duplicate and unneeded files on your hard drive. I sent the link to my office Mac and downloaded a recommended program on the Macbook that would get rid of a lot of the detritus on my hard drive. I'm not going to tell you the name of the program. I strongly recommend you not do it, unless you are less stupid than I am.

So I used the program. Rather than getting rid of junk, I got rid of a number of programs, my entire Mail program and files, all of the Favorites in Firefox, and so on and so on.

Yesterday, I brought the Macbook to the office, connected a firewire cable, fired up Migration Assistant and about twenty minutes later, what was on the Mac Mini was on the Macbook, or so I thought.

Later on at home, I fired up the computer to get on line and download a program that had gotten zapped. Nothing in the Mailbox, nothing in Favorites. Damn.

So, about an hour ago I got back to the office and surfed on how to export those files from the Mini to the Macbook. I printed out some stuff and turned on the Macbook to do the exporting.

I noticed that on starting up there were two "Users," the new me and the old me which caused me to remember the program telling me it was going to call me something else. I clicked the lower one (the new me) and there was all my stuff right where Migration Assistant had put it, below the old me that had the gaps that I had found last night. If that wasn't a model explanation of what happened, sorry - I think that's what happened.

I have to break myself of the habit of doing things too fast. It usually works but clicking your way through a program that you don't know anything about wasn't one of the brighter things I did this weekend, twice.

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